“A wonderful collaboration with Sabine, that has brought a lot of good vibes for Jean Francois Rauzier, both online as in our gallery. It was the first time we‘ve worked, but certainly not the last time. To be continued!”

Marcel Huisman – Co-Owner Villa del Arte Galleries I Amsterdam - Barcelona

“Sabine has a lot of experience and therefore I can trust blindly on her advice and judgment. It’s very nice that Sabine is really there for you and handles her assignments with 100% devotion.”

Lorian Rotstein - Junior Brand Manager | Henry London

“Sabine’s ongoing creativity and her strong network opens doors to my organization that stay closed to others.”

David Elliot - Founder I CEO TicketSpy.nl

Creating a buzz

This is the best way to describe my work. Creating free publicity for brands, corporations, entrepreneurs and personalities. Fairly easy because of all the good, direct contacts with all the (social) media makers in The Netherlands. From digital to print. From online platforms to newspapers and magazines. From bloggers to vloggers, from Facebook to Instagram en LinkedIn to Twitter. Your news should be read and spread, among your (potential) target group. Below three examples of succesful Dutch media launches for international brands.

Interview with Yuri van der Sluis BNR Radio

Yuri van der Sluis, specialist in sales and personal development was interviewed on BNR radio and had a spread in Het Parool about his book ‘Trust me, I’m a salesman’

Brand Launch Henry London Watches

PR campaign for the new London watch brand Henry London. The Dutch brand launch @ Amsterdam’s hottest venue The Uptown Meat Club was filled with bloggers, VIP’s, journalists and jewelers who all showed there dazzling new watches!

Fashion City Trip Milan TicketSpy.nl

The summer is magic, we focus on a good marketing campaign for Ticketspy.nl. to inspire all millions of female fashion lovers that daily pass the website. The price: A Fashion City Trip to Milan!!!

Jean François Rauzier on Ellewonen.nl

As soon as Elle Deco spotted Jean François Rauzier for their online edition, it was a big thumb up at the office. In PR land Elle Deco is considered thé style bible, both for their tone of voice as choice of photography.

Sending a press release just like that? A waste of time!
Daily journalists receive about a 100 press releases on all different subjects from war to world records. It’s very hard to get your unique message on top of alt the news and then to be read by the editorial staff. I will explain how you can formulate your press release in such a way, that they can no longer ignore you.

Printed & Social Media

After living in New York, I started my publishing career at the Dutch Telegraph (Telegraaf) as a lifestyle coordinator for their free tabloid Sp!ts, spread at train stations early in the morning (circulation 1 million). A crazy time and great for my contacts in fashion, beauty, art, living and food. Then I wrote for all the big news papers and magazines as a free lance lifestyle editor. Traveled the world, visited the fashion shows. Rewarded with my own monthly celeb column, in one of the hottest magazines in Amsterdam ‘Zie Oud Zuid’. And that’s what I do now, advice customers on how to get their message across best in the media for free.

Article Parool Jean François Rauzier

Printed media will always remain its force, and besides many online alternatives, exposure in printed media stands for good taste and power. The spread on top photographer Jean François Rauzier at the Dutch evening newspaper Het Parool is a good example. This picture got sold right away.

Vlogger Angela Timisela films

A new, very effective way to generate exposure is vlogging, making a video blog. There are a few very popular vloggers at the moment with many followers on their social media channels. The moment they are recommending something attention is guaranteed! Henry London almost 6 minutes in this video, how awesome!

Let's get social!



Blogs are real traffic generators. Stimulating content on products, celebs and events are always getting a lot of attention. Once I founded the well-read blog Gossip Queen, so a long with the readers my online and blogger experience grew. The contacts from that time are still of big value to me nowadays. Below a few examples of blogs on products and events I did my PR magic on.


Kim Lien Nguyen, founder @ Universal Beauty, is being asked about her beauty favorites at thé beauty blog Beautyandthe.com!


Fashioscene.nl pays attention to the latest watch trends, with ofcourse also the timepieces of Henry London! Three watches to shop in total!


Smashing! Glamourland.nl features the Henry London brand launch online, in print and on the cover of their beautiful magazine, yeah!

A good press release in one day!


Curious about what I can do to get you more publicity? Contact me please and we’ll get a nice espresso macchiato and talk things over.

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